The Best AI-Based Tab Extension

"Finally, those hair-raising tabs are now neatly organized, Phew~"

They often say.

AI-Based Auto Grouping

Group tabs efficiently with AI

Phew AI Tab is a browser extension that effortlessly manages your tabs with AI, presenting them vertically for intuitive side-bar management and browsing.

It continuously learns your grouping habits, serving as your expert Tabs AI assistant.

With Phew AI Tab, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief from chaotic tabs: Phew ~"

All windows consolidated in one sidebar

Multi-Window Handling

Opening numerous windows and constantly switching between them seems to have become the norm for us.

Now, all windows are intuitively organized in the same sidebar, eliminating the need to tirelessly switch windows in search of tabs.

The centralized search bar is just what we needed.

Opening tabs is no longer limited by memory

Suspend Window

“This window can't be closed, but there are too many tabs and windows open!" This dilemma is no longer a concern.

With Phew AI Tab, you can instantly suspend the entire structure of a window at any time and effortlessly return to your entire workflow whenever you want.

Seamless Workflow across Devices

Cloud-Sync Browsing

Phew saves all your tab configurations in the cloud, allowing you to easily restore windows, groups, and all settings on any device with just one click.
Extra History Protection

Crash Recovery

Boom! Chrome crashes and your tabs disappear?

Don't worry!

Phew AI Tab has you covered with extra backup.

Even if there's a crash or shutdown, just reopen Phew AI Tab to seamlessly resume your browsing

Simplify Your Chrome Tab Organization

Phew is the ultimate solution for managing your Chrome tabs and keeping them organized. With AI-powered auto-tab grouping and vertical tabs, you can say goodbye to tab clutter and improve your browsing experience.
  • Phew Free

    Keep Your Tabs Organized for Free

    • Auto Tab Grouping By Domain
    • Vertical Tabs
    • 1-Window Manage
    • Daily 50-Tab Auto Grouping
    • Locally save and restore window and group layouts
    • Non-intrusive Ads
  • Phew Pro

    Streamline Tab Organization for Your Team

    • AI and Scenario-Based Auto Grouping
    • Vertical Tabs
    • Advanced customization options for tab organization
    • Cloud save and sync of window and group layouts
    • Unlimited Window Management
    • Unlimited Daily Tab Auto Grouping
    • Ad-Free
    • Priority customer support
  • Lifetime Deal

    Purchase Lifetime Access to the Latest Offline Version.

    • Unlimited AI-grouping with your API key
    • Unlimited Daily Tab Auto Grouping
    • Vertical Tabs
    • Unlimited Window Management
    • Locally save and restore window and group layouts
    • Ad-Free
    • Priority customer support
    • One-Year Free Upgrades
    • Advanced customization options for tab organization

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