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Phew AI Tab effectively organizes your tabs, letting you focus on accessing resources.

AI Grouping & Auto collapse

AI Grouping & Auto Collapse

Automatically groups new tabs as they are opened.
With the Option + E shortcut, you can quickly switch and focus on different groups.
You can also enable the feature to auto collapse groups that are not in focus.

AI Grouping

Effective AI automatic grouping.

Stay focused

Auto collapse groups that are not in focus

AI Analyzes

AI Analyzing

Analyzes each tab page using AI and saves the results locally.
With global search, you can find the tabs you need based on relevant knowledge.
Quickly identify windows by tags at the bottom.

AI Gathers knowledge

The pages you visit will be more valuable.

AI Search

Search by knowledge, not keywords.

AI-based Space

AI-based Space & Cloud Sync

Need to keep your current tabs but want to explore another theme, like love and life? Simply switch to a new space.
All your tabs and workspaces are synchronized to the server, allowing you to access them on any device at any time.

Easy Switch

Easily switch between different themed Spaces.

Cloud Sync

Easily share Space across different devices.

AI Analyzes

No Privacy Concerns

Your Space data is encrypted locally with AES 256, without the Private key, no one can access your data.
LTD users can sync and deploy their Space in their own Supabase.
Your privacy is protected like never before.

Military-Grade Protection

Space data locally encrypted with AES 256.

High-Strength Private Key

Automatically saved locally after generation.