Phew AI Tab alpha-0.0.8 released 🚀




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Phew AI Tab alpha-0.0.8 released 🚀

[alpha-0.0.8] - 2024-3-8


  • Introduced a new display format for Magic Suspend tabs, making the presentation of suspended pages clearer and more intuitive.
  • Magic Suspend is now enabled by default (a premium member feature), with a suspension interval of 24 hours.
  • After clicking a search result, the interface now returns to the main screen.
  • Other windows outside of the current window are now collapsed by default, and the expand/collapse action will be remembered after being used once.
  • Temporarily disabled the page screenshot preview feature (to be fully fixed in the next version).


  • [New] Launched a user system, allowing plugin use upon login, without the need for serial numbers and API Key.
  • [New] Windows are now automatically renamed based on the domain name and title with the highest tab count (custom modification not supported in this version, to be restored in the next version).
  • [New] Introduced a brand-new "Domain Merge" feature that automatically groups tabs with the same domain together and displays the corresponding domain name prominently.
  • [New] Introduced a brand-new "Inter-window Domain Merge" feature that automatically merges tabs opened with a domain already existing in another window into that window (a premium member feature).


  • [Fixed] Fixed the issue with the window panel not expanding correctly.
  • [Fixed] Addressed list stutter and high memory usage problems.
  • [Fixed] Fixed the issue where the Continuous Grouping Switch could not be turned on or off.